Seven Very Convincing Reasons Why City Cross Create Better Drivers

  • 1Reason 1: Don’t feel pressured to pay upfront for a whole package of lessons.

    You may be a fast learner, or prefer to take it slow and steady. Either way, we don’t make you pay in advance for lessons if you don’t wish to. Instead Pay at the end of each lesson and if you’re budgeting, feel no obligation to take your progress more than lesson at a time.

    Alternatively, if you don’t mind prepaying for lessons, you can save by committing to ten lessons and saving $40.
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  • 2Reason 2: Consistency is the key to excellent driving.

    And in order to give you the most consistent teaching experience, you will have only one instructor throughout your journey with us. Feel secure as you develop a friendship with your teacher and enjoy being taught by someone you respect and trust. However we are flexible so if the first instructor we send (or car) doesn’t quite suit you then call us and we’ll send another next time.

    Many L platers and their parents struggle through the learning process together. Our patient and highly qualified instructors take the tension out of learning and apply each step of the Log Book system, teaching your child everything they need to know.
  • 3Reason 3: Over 25 years we’ve developed some very effective methods of teaching that have stood the test of time.

    The Log Book system needs to be taught methodically, and no matter whether you are taking just the a few lessons or an entire series, we will plan each session so you can get the most out of them. We never drag lessons out unnecessarily, neither do we rush through the course. Our considerable experience holds us in excellent stead as we teach you all you need to know at the right pace for your needs.

    We understand you’re keen to get out on the road and we are experts at teaching you each skill and manoeuvre thoroughly, never rushing, imbuing you with skills of patience and confidence that will last your entire driving life.
  • 4Reason 4: We know learning to drive can be expensive, and we offer excellent value for money.

    Our high quality lessons can be purchased in discounted groups of 10, but you are under no obligation to do so, and can pay by the lesson if you wish.

    Our hourly rate is very competitive and our teaching skills are second-to-none, providing you with a superior lesson quality for a very reasonable price. Our gift vouchers are an excellent present too; give them to friends or family who are learning to drive, or even ask for some for your next birthday!
  • 5Reason 5: We only teach in dual control, late model vehicles, either manual or automatic, it’s your choice.

    When you’re learning, you need a car in an excellent state of repair, one that’s not too old and is appropriate to drive in all road conditions.

    In addition, our cars aren’t too big or small, and they’re comfortable, with air-conditioning, allowing you to learn in a relaxed, realistic environment.
  • 6Reason 6: We’ve been teaching Canberrans to drive for 25 years, and it shows!

    With a quarter of a century’s experience developing and using our tried and true methods, our family-run business has always been about teaching the next generation of drivers to drive safely and smoothly, able to enjoy all the freedom a drivers licence gives.

    When you learn to drive with City-Cross, you’re benefiting from our experience and learning to drive from the best in the business. Contact us now and find out when you can start your learning journey.
  • 7Reason 7: All our teachers are fully Accredited Driving Instructors.

    We keep our staff up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations, and they are all able to teach either Log Book (CBT&A) or prepare you for the government test AKA Competency Based Testing (CBT).

    The skills our instructors will teach you will last a lifetime, as we concentrate on equipping you with the skills of patience, anticipation and awareness that will make you a great driver from the beginning and keep you driving safely and well for your entire driving career.

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