Set Your Own Pace As We Teach You To Drive, Safely, Confidently And Well

The Log Book system cleverly teaches new drivers all the skills and requirements they need to earn their licence, tests them, and give them a final approval, all without a dreaded practical test with a stranger.

Many people find the practical test intimidating, stressful and many very capable drivers have failed, because they were just too nervous on the day.

Your City-Cross driving instructor is fully qualified and accredited to teach the 23 Log Book Competencies as required by the ACT.

Our system of teaching these competencies is flexible and meets the needs of most new drivers because:

   You can take as much or as little time as you need
   You feel comfortable with a teacher you can trust, and
   You know you will qualify when you have met each competency, and not at the whim of a tester.

  • -The 23 Log Book Competencies are as follows:

    • 1 Identify vehicle controls
    • 2Cabin Drill
    • 3Starting up procedure
    • 4Moving off procedure
    • 5Gear Changing
    • 6Steering Control
    • 7Turns, Left and Right
    • 8Speed Control
    • 9Slowing procedure
    • 10Stopping procedure
    • 11Hill starts
    • 12Give-Way Rules
    • 13Reversing
    • 14Right angle park
    • 15Reverse parallel parking
    • 16U-turns
    • 17Turning around in the road (eg3 point turns)

    FIRST REVIEW (a review of the first seventeen competencies)
    Minimum 36 hours must elapse between the first seventeen competencies and the first review.

    • 18Lane changing, Merging, Entering Freeways &Form one Lane
    • 19Overtaking
    • 20Observation
    • 21System of Vehicle Control

    SECOND REVIEW (a review of the previous 21 competencies)
    Minimum 36 hours must elapse between the previous 21 competencies &the second review.

    • 22Vulnerable roads users
    • 23Driving on busy roads &unfamiliar Roads

    Don’t worry about how long it takes - your goal is to become a safe and confident driver, Try to reframe from comparing numbers between one learner to another, The learning curve is different for every one.Factors which skew the comparison is how much knowledge a student has before beginning professional lessons not to mention practice, every learner has different exposure to practice

    Of course, you will still need to practice in between lessons. Try to use a car with the same transmissions eg. manual or automatic so your learning is consistent.

    Your instructor will know the right pace for you. Remember, you’re learning important skills that will hold you in good stead for the rest of your life.

    When you have successfully completed all the above your accredited City-Cross instructor will issue you with a certificate, confirming you are ready to advance to Provisional Driver.

    Take your certificate, Log Book and Learner Licence to any Government Shopfront or to Road User Services in Dickson, and after paying your fee, receive your Provisional Licence.


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