Feeling Ready? We’ll Make Sure You Are And Watch As You Pass With Flying Colours

Taking the government test is a great way to obtain your Provisional Licence. If you’ve done the correct preparation, and feel confident you’ve done all the hard work on your skills, you can book a test and if successful, drive away with your Provisional Licence.

How do you make sure you’re ready to pass the test?

Come to City-Cross Driving School and we’ll tell you. Book a lesson with us and after an hour, we’ll know what you’re capable of, and be able to tell you what you need to work on. Save time and money when we tell it to you straight.

Bring yourself up to speed with City Cross.

You can choose to continue and do one or more lessons to address any areas you need to focus on.

You can continue to practice privately by friends or family and when you think you’re ready, book another lesson with us build your knowledge further.

Don’t give yourself the stress of the government test without being sure you’re going to pass it. Speak to us first. In fact, speak to us now.

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