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  • .How many lessons will I need to obtain my licence through the Log Book/CBT&A system?

    Each learner driver comes to us with differing abilities and needs, and various levels of experience. Your lesson plan will be developed to match your individual requirements allowing you to learn comfortably, and at your own pace.

    Under this system you need to develop 22 driver competencies, .There are at least 7 hours of assessment built in to this system, somebody skilled enough to pass all that assessment would obviously NOT do CBT&A 45 minutes with a licence examiner is far more efficient CBT&A is a training and assessing scheme The average number is 14 lessons. The number of lessons you need is influenced greatly by the number of practice hours you can undertake between lessons.

  • .How long are lessons?

    Lessons are a minimum of one hour. A double lesson may be booked if required and these can give you exposure to a wider range of traffic conditions while under accredited instructions, which can be beneficial.

  • .Who can teach me to drive?

    You can learn to drive with a driving instructor, parents, relations or friends provided that the licensed driver is the holder of a full driver licence, which is appropriate to the vehicle you’re learning in.

    In order to undertake Log Book training, you must have lessons with an Accredited Driving Instructor, who is authorisedby ACT government to teach and assess the 22 competencies and approve each one as you master it.

  • .Where can I do my assessment for a provisional driver licence?

    You can obtain your provisional driver licence through one of two methods, the Competency Based Training and Assessment Scheme (CBT&A), aka Log Book System, or Competency Based Test with an ACT Government Licence Examiner.

    The Log Book System is available through an Accredited Driving Instructor, such as City-Cross’s instructors, accredited by the ACT Government to train and assess learner drivers for a provisional driver licence.

    Alternatively the Government Examiner System is for Learner drivers wishing to obtain their licence via a test. You can book an assessment by visiting a Canberra Connect Shopfront or the Road User Services office at Dickson. Before undertaking the test, you may wish to sharpen you driving skills and prepare, with a few driving lessons. Or may want to use our car (Canberra Connect does not provide a car for your test ) Contact us to make a booking.

  • .When can I schedule my lessons?

    Your dedicated instructor will cater to your availability wherever possible. Just contact us and find out their schedule. If you book ahead, you’ll find it much easier to get the lesson time you require.

  • .I haven’t driven for a while. Can I take a refresher course?

    Yes. The road rules have changed over the years and some licenced drivers may wish to update/improve their skills and road rule knowledge. You may also have suffered and illness or accident and been unable to drive for some time. Or you may have been overseas and not driven while there. No matter what your situation, we offer refresher courses tailored to your particular needs.

  • .I come from overseas, what do I have to do to get an ACT Licence?

    If you are the holder of a full driver licence and you are from an approved country, you will not have to do a Road Rules Knowledge Test or practical test when you apply for an ACT licence.

    This only applies to a car or motorcycle licence. Applicants for a heavy vehicle classification must undertake the appropriate heavy vehicle knowledge test and practical driver assessment.

    If you are the holder of a driver licence and you are not from an approved country, you will be required to pass a Road Rules Knowledge Test and a practical driver assessment via either the Log Book system or a Government Test.

  • .I don’t want to prepay for lessons. Is this possible?

    Yes, of course. We know you don’t always want to be tied down to a package of lessons, and offer you the opportunity to simply pay at the end of every hour.

    If you did wish to purchase a package of lessons, there are considerable discounts available, but it is entirely up to you.  

  • .What can I do if I move from another state to the ACT & have an interstate learner licence?

    There are 2 options you have when wanting to obtain your P’s in the ACT when you come from interstate. You can:

    a. Do a practical driving test with a government examiner on your interstate learner licence. If you pass you will be issued with an ACT Provisional Driver Licence. If you fail you will have to surrender your interstate licence, do the Road Ready Course plus a theory test to obtain your ACT learner licence before you can re-sit the test.

    b. You can surrender you interstate licence, do the Road Ready course plus theory test to get your ACT learner licence & complete the ACT Logbook so you can obtain your ACT provisional licence.

    With both of these options if you change to an ACT learner licence please keep a copy as proof you’ve held a licence before otherwise you may have to hold you ACT L’s for a minimum of 6 months.

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