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Learning To Drive Is One Of Most Exciting Times Of Your Life

City-Cross Driving School’s Accredited Driving Instructors have been proudly producing confident, safe, happy drivers for 25 years. Why not contact us to make your first appointment or ask a few questions. Enjoy the benefits of our experience and unfailing dedication to producing Canberra’s next generation of excellent drivers.

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Log Book Training

The Log Book system cleverly teaches new drivers all the skills and requirements they need to earn their licence
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Refresher Course

Having your licence doesn’t make you a good driver. But as long as you’re willing to learn,
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Government Test

Taking the government test is a great way to obtain your Provisional Licence. If you’ve done the correct preparation
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What People Have to Say About City Cross Driving School

  • "I attended City-Cross Driving School a couple of years ago. It was a very enjoyable experience with my driving instructor. She made me feel very comfortable learning to drive, and very confident on the road. I always think of her advice when I'm doing a reverse parallel park!"

    Jess Vink
  • "City-Cross Driving School gave me such an excellent teacher while I was learning to drive! They made sure to let me know how I could make every one of my skills for driving absolutely perfect. I felt comfortable to make mistakes because I always knew it would be taken in a positive way to help me become a better driver instead of feeling less confident. Overall, learning with my instructor was actually really fun and didn't feel like a lesson, but I ended up learning so much!"

    Maxine Monus
  • "Learning to drive was scary - until getting in the car on my 1st lesson! My instructor made learning to drive so much fun, and exciting. There was never any pressure, and I never felt scared to make a mistake. City-Cross made the lessons fun and this made my learning experience much better. My instructor was always positive, happy & taught in a friendly way - perfect for learning to drive! I still play some of the games we used to! I'd recommend them to anyone!"

    Kelsey Ogilvie
  • "Before learning to drive I had been in a serious car accident, this left me with anxiety to driving. I started off with another driving school which every time I got into the car and had a panic attack would just tell me I was silly and yell at me whenever I did something wrong. I only went to a few lessons with this school until I couldn’t cope anymore. After having the courage to try another school I phoned City-Cross Driving School. The first time I hopped into the car with I felt safe. I had an amazing teacher who would never yell or cause me to have a panic attack. Instead we would pull over and assess the problem together. I felt so comfortable learning with City-Cross Driving School that I always keep in touch as I feel like I made a good friend. My father was overseas when I was learning to drive so my lessons were my only practise. They were always available morning and night and from any location!"

    Jessica Caldwell
  • "Katrina is a patient and thorough teacher who will equip you with all the skills you need to be a safe and effective driver. Her friendly nature creates a relaxed environment in which it is very easy to learn. I highly recommend Kat and City-Cross!"

    Roland Thorne
  • "Darryl,
    Many thanks for your support & guidance shown to Megan, Leah, Joshua & Emma during the many driving lessons. They are all certainly enjoying their independence of having their licence. "

    Bernadette Clarke
  • "Len,
    I’d just like to say thank you for being such a great instructor to me over the last few months. I had a great time & it was really fun so THANK YOU! "