Driving Lessons Are A Gift That Lasts Forever

The ability to drive is a skill many of us take for granted, but when you’re first learning, it’s a huge undertaking and a costly one too.

Dedicated parents spend hours and hours teaching their children the rules of the road, sitting next to them as they build up confidence and skill. It’s a labour of love.

While practicing with parents or friends is an important part of the journey, professional driving lessons are an essential element of learning to drive.They give learner drivers the foundation information, best practice skills and polish, as well as the exact comprehension of the rules and the defensive skills they need to take their place on the road.

And ultimately, if following the Log Book System, it’s an Accredited Driving Instructor who decides when they’ve earned a Provisional Licence.

Gift Vouchers from City-Cross Driving School allow you to give the gift of freedom, and confidence, and also reduce the financial pressure of obtaining a drivers licence. When you purchase a City-Cross Gift Voucher you can pay for as many lessons as you like, a priceless gift of independence for your loved one.

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